Gig Posters 204

Elton John - 2019



October 4 & 5, 2019
Bell MTS Place

True North Sports + Entertainment

16 x 20, colour
Available for purchase:

11 x 17, colour
Available for purchase:

The people in charge of Elton's tour asked each city's promoter to design a poster for their show so that they could all be put into a book and presented to Sir Elton at the tour's end. The shows were pretty much sold out when this request came in so True North didn't really need a poster for any practical purpose beyond the book, so that's all it was used for. No one outside of a small handful of people had ever seen the poster. Until now. A limited number of artists proofs were printed at 16 x 20 (relative to the book size) and are available, but act fast if you're interested in one. A smaller 11 x 17 version was also made, of which there are more available. By the way, since the tour was cut short due to the pandemic, I'm not sure if that book was ever actually made. If you happen to run into Elton somewhere, please don't mention it to him. It could spoil the surprise.

Elton John – 2019
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