Gig Posters 204


w/ The D.Rangers & The Rowdymen
April 19 & 20, 2002
West End Cultural Centre

West End Cultural Centre

11 x 17, colour

You can now own what never actually was! Only 2 smaller 8.5 x 11 copies of the colour version of this poster existed originally. I made one to give Fred and one to have signed for myself. Around the time I designed the poster, the A.D. of the W.E.C.C. had a hissy-fit about something unrelated and stopped talking to me for awhile. He eventually got over it, but during the debacle, printing a colour version of this poster fell through the cracks. Fred liked the design so much when he saw it, he started talking about using it as an official tour poster. But after an initial positive meeting, I stopped hearing from him. C'est la vie.

Fred Eaglesmith – Colour – 2002
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