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Neko Case - Signed - 2002


October 29, 2002
West End Cultural Centre

West End Cultural Centre

11 x 17, full colour

Re: that "I'm naked again" comment. "Again" - the first Neko poster I designed "!" I used an official promo photo from her Corn Sisters project with Carolyn Mark. Official record company supplied promo shot! Ya, we see her legs, but she could have shorts on - how would anyone know? This time, I got word that I'd be doing this poster the night Neko played the WECC with the New Pornographers. I'd had the "paper doll" concept floating around in my head for awhile, and telling her about it that night I asked her what kind of clothes should I give her. "Make me a fireman!" she said with glee. So I did. I heard she was mega-pissed when she got to town the day of the show and saw the poster. In my defence, have you ever seen a paper doll where the base doll wasn't in their undies? No. Secondly, the drawing was based on an actual photo from a softcore-ish shoot she did for an online 'zine of some kind and I augmented nothing. Would've been easy to do, but I didn't. Anyhow, she had calmed down by the time I got her to sign it post-show and she was very pleasant. We remain the closest of friends to this day.

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Neko Case – 2002
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