Gig Posters 204

The Pursuit Of Happiness - 1987


May 3 & 4, 1987
Spectrum Cabaret

Spectrum Cabaret

8.5 x 11, B&W

This was the very first piece of promo material I did for the Spectrum Cabaret upon it's opening. It was so new, I hadn't been there yet and I was designing this late at night and had no one to call to ask, so I just guessed at the address of the club based on that of the place next door. I was pretty close. (It's 176.) I love this band. "Im an Adult Now" was the only song anyone knew by them at the time and only because of the independent video that had started making the rounds on Much Music. Legend has it that Moe Berg received a phone call at the club from Todd Rundgren on one of these nights where Todd agreed to produce the first TPOH album. This poster also started a long running tradition of me designing posters for the band's Winnipeg gigs. I still say they're the greatest Canadian band of all time.

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The Pursuit Of Happiness – 1988
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