Gig Posters 204


July 3, 2011
The StuDome

The StuDome

8.5 x 14, B&W

A great afternoon, made legendary by my back lane neighbour. We told the neighborhood of our plans that afternoon, inviting any and all to come by for free. Never heard a negative thought from anyone until the day before when the old guy across the lane grumbled "I hope it's not gonna be too goddamn loud." I thought I had him calmed down but at the stroke of 7:00pm (when I said things would likely wrap up, not foreseeing the bands would show up an hour late) he popped up from behind his fence, shaking his fist and scaring our back lane dancers. The song the band was playing at the time was called "Grandpa Carl". You can imagine what we referred to our neighbour as from that day on. You can actually see him in the video at the 2:39 mark right here.

THE WARPED 45S – 2011
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