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Welcome to GigPosters204. This is an on-line art gallery featuring the collected gig poster work of Stu Reid. If you’ve ever attended a concert in Winnipeg that was advertised with a locally produced poster, there’s a pretty good chance that Stu designed that poster.

Stu has been designing gig posters in Winnipeg for nearly 40 years. Not so much as a graphic artist but as a passionate music fan who wanted to be part of the scene he loved and was just too hopeless at doing anything else.

Besides working with local bands directly, at one point or another, Stu was the exclusive designer for such promoters as Nite Out Entertainment, Jazz Winnipeg, Some Guy and Devonside Productions, and such venues as the Spectrum Cabaret, Circuit Cabaret, The Pyramid Cabaret and the West End Cultural Centre.

Many of the posters on this site are available for purchase. We have genuine original copies from back in the day, 2nd printings from the original art and high quality reproductions of others. Availability and prices are listed as the individual poster pages. If you see one you’d like that has no availability info, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Re-kindle some of your favorite live music moments from over the years and feel free to share your own memories of the show on the individual show pages.