Gig Posters 204

Calexico - 2003


September 29, 2003
West End Cultural Centre

West End Cultural Centre

11 x 17, full colour

If I design a poster for an artist I really love, I always like to try and get a copy signed by them. Such was the case with Calexico. After the show I went around the WECC finding as many of the guys as I could to sign the poster. I specifically brought one of those groovy, but finicky, metallic gold paint markers with me, as Calexico is famous for using metallic silver and gold ink in many of their graphics. I was down to locating the last 2 guys in the band - the 2 that matter the most - Joey Burns and John Convertino. I finally found Joey, asked him to sign it and then asked if he knew where John was. Joey is a super-sweet guy and said that John HAD to sign the poster. He'd find him for me. So he took the poster and my paint pen and ran off to find John. About 5 minutes later, here comes Joey running back with the poster, very excited that he had found John and got everyone's signature on it for me. His hands were absolutely covered with gold paint that had started leaking out of the pen. I mean COVERED. And that shit is hard to get off. You need paint thinner to really get it done. I felt so bad looking at his gold-dripping hands but he was genuinely happy to have got it done for me, appreciating the care and effort I had put into respecting their graphic themes. Joey Burns is truly one of the good guys.

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Calexico – 2003
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