Gig Posters 204

Fiest - 2004


June 15, 2004
West End Cultural Centre

West End Cultural Centre

11 x 17, B&W

“A perfect example is Feist. I can tell you exactly how many people were there on June 15, 2004 — there were 56 paid and 96 comped. And that was one of the first shows I had booked.
It was before Let it Die (Feist’s 2004 sophomore record) came out, and we put it on and no one bought tickets. It was like, ‘Come on you guys, she’s gonna be a big deal.’
Then she won a Juno and never played the West End again because she got too huge.“ — Dominic Lloyd, W.E.C.C. Artistic Director at the time

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Feist – 2004
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