Gig Posters 204

Harry Manx


April 29, 2018
West End Cultural Centre

West End Cultural Centre

11 x 17, colour

Available for purchase:

The very last poster I designed for the W.E.C.C.

I started working as their exclusive poster artist in '98 or '99 but I had done things for them off and on going back to 1988. Around 2015 or so, I noticed a number of posters for WECC shows popping up that I had nothing to do with. Some acts supply their own, so it didn't seem that odd at first but they started growing in numbers quickly. Because I was quite desperate to hang on to the little freelance work I had coming in, I didn't say anything as to not rock the boat and endanger what work I did have coming in. Eventually I had to take a full-time retail job to make ends meet and after a year of doing that as well as the poster work I loved doing, it all became too much and I had to let one of my clients go. It hurt to resign duties from the WECC but it was obvious they had issues with me even though they never said a single thing to me, even after I'd routinely tell them I'm always available to discuss new directions or strategies if they ever wanted to. They never did. When I told them why I chose to let them go as a client, they claimed that an employee I had never dealt with before was supposed to have told me what was up but he had since been let go and they didn't know I was in the dark on my work being cut in half. To this day, they have never explained what it was that fall-guy was supposed to tell me. Payment for my last batch of posters I had done for them took 3 months to arrive after constant prodding from me. Shortly after I resigned, they put a poster gallery up on their website. 80% of the posters were designed by me. My name appears nowhere. Still don't know what their issues with me were. If you ever hear, I'd sure be amused to find out.

Harry Manx – 2018
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