Gig Posters 204

James McMurtry - 1992


August 21, 1992
West End Cultural Centre

Timbre/A Cool Rockin' Daddy Production

11 x 17, B&W on salmon paper

My first stab at concert promotion, sort of. Yes, I am the Cool Rockin' Daddy. I think about 6 people paid. The rest were all comped. If you knew me at the time, you were offered a free ticket. It was ultimately a half way decent crowd, though a financial disaster. Thankfully it was all Timbre's money. All I really did beyond designing and putting up the poster, was mispronounce Ben Sures' name while introducing him and hang out with James and his tour manager before and after the show. For an infamously dour guy, he was actually a lot of fun to hang out with. Kathy raced home in the intermission to brew up a huge pitcher of real iced tea. At the time, that was something no one had ever heard of north of the 49th, and those 2 southerners were extraordinarily grateful to have some for the first time during their week-long Canadian tour. They took the pitcher with them when they left.

James McMurtry – 1992
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