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The Tragically Hip - 1991

The Tragically Hip - 1991


October 31, 1991
Sask Place
Saskatoon, SK

Nite Out Entertainment

11 x 17, black on yellow

2nd printing available
for purchase: $20

The show was an official Halloween Bash, actually on Halloween night. What fun! Only thing is, the photo they gave us to use wasn't any fun at all. Hip photos usually aren't. They're a serious, even dour bunch of guys. There they are sitting around on a bunch of big rocks. Hey - what if those rocks were gigantic jack-o-lanterns? What if there was a haunted house in the background? What if their name was a gooey, dripping cheesey '50s horror movie thing? What fun! So that's what I did. Only manager Jake Gold wasn't much fun either. He didn't like it. Use the photo as is. Use the logo from the album cover. No fun allowed.


OK, we'll do that, stick a pumpkin in the corner, sneak in some dripping blood, and call it done. But let's have a little more fun, first. Before faxing over the final, boring version, we made a new, improved one we thought they might like better. At least they laughed.
(P.S. You can't do things like this in the music business anymore.)

The Tragically Hip – 1991
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